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OUS forum (about 80 research poster presentations) is held every autumn to popularize research seeds at the university.See more.

If you have any consultation about a joint research, a technical tie-up and so on, with OUS researches, please check here.

・Research Institute of Natural Sciences

・Research Institute of Technology

・Natural Fieldwork Center

・Research Instruments Center

・Engineering work center

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Private University Research Branding Project
OUS International Research Project on Mongolian Dinosaurs-basing on the joint research agreement between Institute of Paleontology and Geology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences and Okayama University of Science- See more.

This Grant is the Competitive grant among the OUS researchers in order to generate and promote the peculiar researches in order to solve the problems with high social demand. 9 Projects have being proceeded in 2016~2017.See more.