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Research Institutes

Research Institute of Natural Sciences

This is an organization that promotes projects in geosciences, chemistry, and simulation science. See more

Research Institute of Technology

This is an advanced research institute for developing science technology in the fields of bioengineering, environmental engineering, mechatronics, environmental energy, and advanced material engineering. See more

Nature Fieldwork Center

The Center aims to become a base for field sciences by the development of human resources who have a good working knowledge of nature fields and who can step in and play an active role as an urban-nature interface. See more

Research Instruments Center

The Center aims to support the installation and maintenance of the latest instruments and equipment in OUS. We offer information on the equipment in each laboratory to other OUS researchers to promote their research. See more

Engineering work center

The Center aims to support research requiring machining test rigs with metal, plastics, and so on. We hope to educate students in machining various materials. See more