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Research Collaboration

We actively collaborate with industries, government offices, banking facilities, and other academe-research institutes to popularize our research seeds and match the needs of society.

*Please refer to the OUS researcher navigator to find specific studies and researchers.

A consultation on joint research or technical tie-ups with OUS researchers proceeds as follows.
Please fill out the application form and send it to the research support office of OUS.
Application form (Word, PDF)
FAX : +81-86-256-9732, E-mail : renkei /at/ office.ous.ac.jp

We will introduce the appropriate OUS researcher to you.
After acceptance of your application form, we will introduce the appropriate OUS researcher to you through our research coordinators.

In the case of the development of your consultation
If a joint project with an OUS researcher is agreed upon after the consultation with the OUS researcher, the following procedure applies.

(1) Joint collaborative research
Promote the research jointly by deciding the parts each member undertakes with respect to the common subject.

(2) Funded research
The OUS researcher conducts the entrusted research and submits a report.

(3) Donated fund research
Grants for the encouragement of research

If you have any questions, please contact the research support office of OUS.